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Self Service Bar app


Self ordering app for the Beer-Bazaar.

The tablet, placed on each table at the bar allows diners to order a variety of existing beers without a waiter. Not only does the self service improve convenience of ordering, it provides the diner with all the details on the beers, including ingredients, favor, rates and recommendations - with an option to compare to similar beers.

The Client Goals

More and more business owners are using self-ordering technology methods to improve customer experience and satisfaction. As part of the beer-bazaar chain’s business development  they wanted to develop self-ordering technology for their bars.

Their goals were:

- Improve the ordering experience

- make the selection from their wide variety of beers accessible to new customers

- Intrigue customers to try new beers from the local variety of the beer-bazaar.

- Customers Retention (including visiting other  branches of the chain)

- Create a buzz about the bar visit experience in tourist communities.

- Reduce waiters per shift.

Defining success

Increase in sales

Mentioning, tags and clicks on  social media 

Reduction in help from waiters allowing managers to reduce waiters per shift

Hence the system should be simple to operate - not just for IT specialists, with familiar gestures and content to anticipated dining users. 

In order to increase user’s trustworthiness I chose to add a feature of testimonials and reviews, which is standard for self service apps and adds a personal aspect to the order process.

Research-Self Ordering

Self-order technology varies in different functionalities, each reducing the interaction with a human service provider.

In the restaurant industry, self ordering can include:

עיצוב לפורטפוליו-ביר באזר-01.png

Existing Self - Ordering Platforms in the Restaurant Industry:

עיצוב לפורטפוליו-ביר באזר-02.png

Pros & Cons:

עיצוב לפורטפוליו-ביר באזר-06.png

Human Interactions in the Bar Environment:

עיצוב לפורטפוליו-ביר באזר-07.png


עיצוב לפורטפוליו-ביר באזר-04.png
עיצוב לפורטפוליו-ביר באזר-05.png

User Flow

עיצוב לפורטפוליו-ביר באזר-09.png
עיצוב לפורטפוליו-ביר באזר-06.png

Observation- Dark UI Apps


24 copy 2.png


phone mockup_3screens.png

Ban Ban

App & Dashboard (UX/UI)

21398619 copy.png


Dashboard (UX)

The Dyson Game


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